A Nurturing Expressions Story: Twins and New Insurance

Photo of mom asleep under her sleeping twins while breastfeeding. Credit to Jennifer Mancuso

Photo of mom asleep under her sleeping twins while breastfeeding. Credit to Jennifer Mancuso
Photo Credit: Jennifer Mancuso

At Nurturing Expressions, we are here to support you. Stories like Catherine K.’s are the reason why we do what we do.

Catherine’s Story

“One year ago March 1 I had my twin boys. I was told by my doctor to hurry and get a hospital grade pump so that I could continue to produce milk while the boys were in the NICU. Nurturing Expressions was the easiest and quickest place to go to. I made a phone call and they were very inviting and welcoming.

When I went in it had been only five days since my C-section. I got the hospital grade pump went home and started pumping. I had been using the hospital one prior. December 2019 was going to be a huge change for my insurance. I was moving from Premera to Regence Uniformed Insurance. Premera had always covered renting the pump from Nurturing Expressions. Nurturing Expressions even replaced it twice when it wasn’t quite maintaining the suction I needed.

So I was disappointed finding out that the insurance I was going to in January would not allow me to rent a hospital grade pump for my twins. They did fund a large portion for a portable pump. However, I understand the portable ones do not have the same suction or type of suction.

For me, it was extremely important to continue pumping and keeping my milk flow for twins until they were a year old. Nurturing Expressions totally understood and helped me find one. They had several, but the one that seemed the best is called Unimom. I used it for a couple of weeks.

At first, I was having a hard time getting used to it because it pumps differently than even a hospital grade pump. After a week, I noticed that the suction felt quite the same.

So I believe I’ve had it for about four or six weeks now and I’m quite satisfied with it, as matter fact, I think there is increase. I have not measured, but the flow feels different. I both pump and breastfeed. The boys tend to stay longer on the breast since I started using the Unimom.

I’m very grateful to Nurturing Expressions for helping me find the right fit for my needs. I have so many more positive things to say about Nurturing Expressions, but I’m afraid that this review would be too long for people to read. Just know that if you do contact Nurturing Expressions and go there for your lactation needs they’re going to support you and find the best fit whether it be phalanges or pump. The right support is always important when it comes to feeding your babies.” – Catherine K.