Pumping Consultations

Lactation Specialist Seattle

If breastfeeding can be challenging, breast pumps can be straight-up frustrating! But don’t give up–our Nurturing Experts are here for you. We start by guiding you through selecting the perfect breast pump for you, your insurance benefits, and your lifestyle. We only offer the highest quality pumps, but we offer different styles of pumps for a reason.

Once you’ve found your perfect pump, we offer breast pump shield and flange fittings so you’ll have a comfortable and effective pumping experience. We also provide nursing bra fittings so you don’t have to guess about sizes or take a chance on a bra you haven’t tried on.

You will bring your breast pump and all its parts (especially flanges!) to your pumping consultation so our pumping experts can fit and advise you on the pump you’re actually using.

Are you having pumping discomfort?
Do your nipples hurt durring or after pumping, or both?
Do you want to feel confident in how to use your pump?
Are you sure you are using the correct settings?

Let us help...

What to Expect at Your Pumping Consultation?

  • Flange and breast pump shield fittings

  • Tutorial on using your breast pump

  • Troubleshooting your pump

  • Recommendations for comfort and function

  • General breast pump education

  • Tips and tricks for pumping

  • Guidance on keeping breasts and nipples healthy

  • Answers to your questions (even embarrassing ones)

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Our three local boutiques are filled with essentials for nursing and pumping parents, plus so much more! Through pregnancy and postpartum, and beyond, we are here for you.