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Nurturing Expressions is here to support and guide families through their nursing and pumping journeys and beyond. We help you navigate and use your breast pump insurance benefit and provide breastfeeding, lactation, and pumping education. We offer a weekly clinical breastfeeding support group, as well as in-home, in-store, and virtual pumping and lactation consultations. We also host parent and caregiver social groups and classes. We even develop, deploy, and manage corporate lactation programs.

Our three local boutiques are filled with essentials for nursing and pumping parents, plus so much more! Through pregnancy and postpartum, mastectomy and beyond, we are here for you.

Nurturing Expressions is a local and woman-owned Washington business.

Breast Pumps and So Much More

Breast Pump Insurance Benefits

We are a preferred provider for a number of insurance carriers, including Tricare. We take the headache out of navigating your breast pump, nursing, and compression benefits.

We are a preferred in-network provider for most major insurance providers. We help you navigate the benefits of your specific plan and policy, and we even bill insurance.

Get a Free Insurance Consultation 

  1. We check your insurance policy to find out exactly what it covers.
  2. We request the prescription you need from your doctor for your pump, supplies, and/or compression garments.
  3. We always offer free phone and in-store consultations to walk you through your insurance-covered options, as well as upgrades. Plus, we can bill your insurance directly!
  4. We offer in-store and curbside pickup, or ship your pump and supplies directly to you!

Since the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), most insurance plans are required to cover breast pumps, pumping supplies, and compression garments. The type and brand of pump covered varies from plan to plan, but that’s why we’re here. We do the hard work for you!

Get a free consultation to see what your plan covers.

Since the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), most insurance plans are required to cover breast pumps, pumping supplies, and compression garments. The type and brand of pump covered varies from plan to plan, but that’s why we’re here. We also offer easy supply reordering, as well as free virtual personal shopping to help you find exactly what you need.

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We offer both hospital grade breast pump rentals and baby scale rentals. Our hospital grade breast pump rentals are both available to parents with a prescription, and as part of our Corporate Lactation and Nursing Rooms programs.

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Lactation & Pumping Support

Clinical Lactation Support Group, Lactation and Pumping Consultations, and Pumping 101 classes. We offer both virtual and in-person consultations with an RN, IBCLC or pumping expert.

Lactation consultants are clinical healthcare professionals who specialize in helping chest and breastfeeding moms. An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) has specialized training and has passed rigorous exams in order to better help nursing parents. Nurturing Expressions offers one-on-one lactation consultations with an IBCLC to help all parents navigate nursing and lactation struggles.

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Once you’ve found your perfect pump, we offer breast pump shield and flange fittings so you’ll have a comfortable and effective pumping experience. We also provide nursing bra fittings so you don’t have to guess about sizes or take a chance on a bra you haven’t tried on. 

You will bring your breast pump and all its parts (especially flanges!) to your pumping consultation so our pumping experts can fit and advise you on the pump you’re really using. Consultations can be virtual or in-store.

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All locations are offering our weekly Clinical Lactation Support Group. Clinic is led by our wonderful founder, Tracy Corey, RN, IBCLC, in West Seattle. Tracy is a Registered Nurse and Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) with over 30 years of experience offering lactation support. Our Poulsbo Weekly Clinical Lactation Support Group is led by Rebecca Kusche, MS, CN, IBCLC.

The group is structured like a private lactation consultation with the added benefit of peer support from other nursing parents. Parents can also weigh their babies before and after feeds to evaluate the exact milk transfer per breast. This information is useful to assess milk supply and track the baby’s weight gain. Parents receive one-on-one assistance with latch, positioning, and assessment of lip and tongue tie.

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Nurturing Expressions will help your company develop a corporate lactation program that will support your employees while protecting and benefiting your business. Corporate lactation and mothers’ room / pumping room programs can provide benefits for new parents, baby, and the employer. 

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Nursing & Postpartum Essentials

So much more than breast pumps! Find nursing and pumping supplies, nursing and mastectomy bras, lactation supplements, compression clothing, baby items and more.

Our boutiques carry pregnancy and post partum compression therapy garments, as well as a large variety of Therapeutic Compression Stockings that help improve venous function by reducing swelling in the extremities. These garments are often prescribed by your healthcare practitioner, for varicose veins, lower extremity swelling, pregnancy, and lymphedema.

Did you know some insurance plans cover compression therapy garments for pregnancy, postpartum, or injuries? We can help you find out exactly what your policy covers.

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We carry the best organic and high quality lactation supplements, tinctures and teas in our boutiques. No matter how natural, rewarding, and healthy nursing is, your nipples often bear the brunt. Effective, natural nipple balms and salves keep your nipples healthy while you nurse. 

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We carry a variety of brands and styles of nursing bras and tops, as well as mastectomy bras in sizes XS-XXL and a range of band and cup sizes. We’ll help you find the best fit and style for your needs with expert fittings. Come into one of our boutiques or schedule a free virtual personal shopping session to find the right bra or top for you.

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