Nurturing Expressions is here to support and nurture you through all stages of your breast health. Our store staff include Certified Mastectomy Fitters (CMF) so you get the best fit and comfort. We carry only the best in mastectomy from Amoena, Ana Ono, Anita, and Trulife. We can also help you navigate your insurance benefits and insurance-covered mastectomy forms, bras, and prostheses.

We are in-network with most major insurance carriers and offer direct insurance billing. For most health insurance plans, mastectomy bras, forms, and related accessories count toward your deductible. Mastectomy garments are also covered by Medicare.

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Whether this is your first fitting consultation or you’re being refitted, we’re here to support you.

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Mastectomy Bra FAQs

What is a Certified Mastectomy Fitter?

A Certified Mastectomy Fitter (CMF) is a health professional specifically educated and trained in breast prostheses and post-mastectomy services, including fitting, adjusting, or modifying.

What Is a Mastectomy Bra?

Mastectomy bras are great alternatives for people who do not wish to undergo surgical breast reconstruction immediately or at all. Instead, you can choose to wear a breast prosthesis in a special mastectomy bra. Mastectomy bras are designed with special pockets in the cup area and these pockets are meant to hold the prosthesis.

How Soon Can I Wear a Mastectomy Bra after Surgery?

Most people will be able to wear a breast prosthesis within 2 – 8 weeks of surgery or when their physician is satisfied the area has completely healed. Always consult your doctor if you’re unsure.

Are Mastectomy Bras Just about Aesthetics?

A well-fitted prosthesis and well-designed mastectomy bra are important, as they not only help balance your posture, but also provide protection for your chest and breast cancer wounds or scars. They may also help reduce back problems, neck and shoulder pains.

Why Would I Choose Mastectomy Bras?

Whether you’ve said farewell to one or both breasts, mastectomy bras are designed to hold a prosthesis in the place of natural breasts to create a comfortable, natural result without additional surgery for reconstruction.

Can’t I Just Order a Mastectomy Bra Online?

Finding a well-fitting standard bra off the rack is a challenge already. Mastectomy bras need to be fitted both for your measurements and your prosthesis, so it’s important to be fitted by a Certified Mastectomy Fitter. Request a fitting consultation with one of our CMFs.
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