Getting Free Breast Pump for Military Families with Tricare

If you are preparing for the arrival of a newborn baby, especially for first-time parents, you have probably considered a breast pump. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, breast pumps can increase milk supply, relieve plugged milk ducts, and offer numerous other benefits when nursing a baby. Luckily, servicemembers and their families can get a free pump with TRICARE. 

Nurturing Expressions accepts TRICARE and is here to support parents in getting all of their insurance benefits available to them to get your pump and the services they deserve. If you want to know how it works, this article has all the details, including the process of acquiring one yourself. 

Who is eligible? 

As mentioned above, TRICARE is insurance coverage for military families. Therefore, all Tricare-eligible parents can get the free pump before delivery and up to 36 months after the baby is born. This includes all parents who have given birth, are pregnant or have legally adopted a child the age of breastfeeding. 

The TRICARE plan does not matter when considering eligibility. All plans, such as TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Standard, TRICARE Select, TRICARE Reserve Select, and any other, have this benefit. Finally, you are eligible whether your sponsor is on active duty, retired, or reserved. 

How to get a breast pump through TRICARE

To begin with, you need a prescription from a TRICARE-authorized medical professional such as a nurse practitioner, doctor, physician assistant, and nurse midwife. In the prescription, the professional must indicate whether they recommend a standard electric or manual pump and include a diagnosis code. However, they do not offer specific brands or models. Once Nurturing Expressions receives your prescription, we work with TRICARE to ensure you get your breast pump within the shortest time possible. You should get the prescription and start ordering your pump as soon as you are pregnant. 

What else comes with the TRICARE cover? 

TRICARE works to ensure all military parents have a successful breastfeeding experience. On top of the standard electric or manual pump, you also get breast pump parts and counseling sessions at the cost of your cover. 

Breast pump accessories covered include standard power adapters, bottle caps, storage bags, locking rings, tubing adapters, Supplemental Nursing System (SNS), bottles, and splash protectors. In some scenarios, you may get TRICARE to cover the total replacement cost if the pump breaks. 

For lactation support sessions, TRICARE covers up to 6 individual outpatient breastfeeding counseling sessions per birth event. That goes for breast-pumping support as well! However, you must ensure that: 

  • You are seeing a TRICARE-authorized provider
  • You only get a breastfeeding counseling service during the session; and
  • The provider bills using one of the preventive counseling procedure codes

Why Nurturing Expressions? 

We promise to walk with you at every step as you navigate your TRICARE insurance benefit. Several of our Nurturing Expressions experts have spouses, family members, and friends actively serving in the military or veterans. We will help you as you get the right prescription, pick a breast pump and learn how to use it. Additional benefits when using Nurturing Expressions include: 

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