Our Top Selling Breastpumps of the Month for Your Breastfeeding Journey


A high-quality breastpump is a must-have for any breastfeeding parent. Whether you’re planning to exclusively breastfeed or pump, having a breastpump is important to have on-hand for support.

A breastpump can help to increase milk production and enable you to stock up milk for the baby to use when you’re not able to feed or to use for other reasons. The fun part comes: picking the right pump for you and your journey! There are hundreds of pumps on the market now, so people often wonder, “what’s the best breastpump to use?” This is a valid question!

Good news—our lactation and pumping pros team knows all the ins and outs of today’s pumps and have the rundown on this month’s top favorite pumps! Keep reading…

1. Cimilre S5+

The lightweight and portable Cimilre S5+ is a breastpump that helps make your pumping sessions enjoyable courtesy of its advanced dual-motor technology. The pump allows you to adjust suction strength on each side in expression or massage mode. Its dual-motor technology helps you control and customize suction for each breast without affecting suction strength. Cimilre S5+ breastpump is the best option for simultaneous control and efficacious emptying of your breasts and optimizing milk output. The pump comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and a compact design to ensure you can pump wherever you decide. You can also request a personalized pump skin for your breastpump.

2. Unimom Minuet

Minuet double electric portable Unimom breastpump is a rechargeable pump that comes with seven massage modes and offers unlimited customizations in massage. It also includes nine levels of expression modes to ensure pumping is efficient and comfortable. This innovative breastpump comes in a compact design, enhancing its portability. Additionally, it supports doubly expression by providing two unique patterns of expression modes that mimic how a baby sucks at the breast. The Minuet Unimom Breastpump has a new hygienic backflow protection system and a rechargeable battery. It also includes a USB and LCD charge port.

3. Cimilre S6+ 

The Cimilre S6+ breastpump is highly customizable and has adjustable speeds in expression and massage modes. The breastpump has been made via innovative technology to confer a sleek and ergonomic design. Cimilre S6+ breastpump is a superior quality, double electric, and rechargeable breastpump that caters to the pumping needs of today’s parents. With this pump, you can move from massage to expression mode for efficient milk stimulation and natural flow. Both modes provide adjustable settings to enhance comfort and effectively empty your breasts. The S6+ includes a night light and super-quiet motor for the best pumping experience during the night.

4. Zomee z2

The Z2 Zomee smart double electric breastpump is a portable hospital-grade pump designed for modern-day parents. It is rechargeable, includes an extra 3 modes, and offers additional stimulation due to its alternate mode. Its back-lit display makes it easy to use in low light conditions. The breastpump has a hygienic closed system to prevent milk backup into the tubing and facilitates easy cleanup. All parts of the Z2 Zomee breastpump are made from BPA-free materials to ensure your baby consumes 100% safe breast milk. You can charge the breastpump’s battery by connecting it to a computer or power bank via a USB cable. Because this breastpump is compact and lightweight, it can easily fit in a diaper bag or purse.

5. Medela Swing Maxi

The Medela swing maxi breastpump utilizes the Max Flow technology making it a highly effective hospital performance pump with a closed system. Its advanced motor creates a vacuum with Max flow micro-vibrations that optimize breast milk expression. The pump has a few parts that are easy to clean and assemble. This double electric breastpump comes with all you need to pump milk at home or away, including a stylish pump, cooler bag, and battery pack for mobile pumping.

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