The Zomee Z2 with Pumping Cups

Pumping just got better with our hand-free collection cups. Combine these cups with our newest breast pump and you can pump hands-free while on the go.



The Zomee Z2 (rechargeable lithium-ion battery), double electric, closed system, portable size pump (14oz). This pump will have a 2-year warranty through Zomee and will come with the full set up of parts and pieces to pumps both breasts and pumps in an asynchronous manner. You will be able to directly pump, store and feed from the bottles included and will have a total of 4 flanges (two 24mm and two 28mm). The pump offers 3 different pumping styles that you can further tailor for comfort: Massage, Expression, and 2-Phase mode (a hybrid that auto toggles between expression and massage). The Z2 has 5 levels of strength & speed in Hybrid mode, 9 in expression and 5 in massage. The pump has light that illuminates the entire face of the pump. The pump will also include the power adapter with micro USB charging cable and hands free wearable pumping cups.

The pump will come with the following:

  • 2 – 24mm Breast Shields
  • 2 – 28mm Breast Shields
  • 2 – Shield bodies (connectors)
  • 2 – Silicone Valves
  • 2 – diaphragms w/ caps
  • 2 – Tubing
  • 2 – Milk Collection Containers
  • 2 – Milk Collection Container Caps
  • 2 – Milk Collection Container Covers
  • 2– Milk Collection Container Disks
  • 2 – Bottle Nipples
  • 1 – Power Adapter
  • 2 – Hands-free collection cups
  • 2 – 24mm insert funnel
  • 2 – 28mm breast shield
  • 2 – Air tubes
  • 2 – Diaphragm caps
  • 2 – Diaphragms
  • 2 – Duckbill valves


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