Medela Lactina™ Select Hospital Grade Rental Breast Pump

Medela Lactina® Select Hospital Grade/Multi-User Rental Breastpump is ideal for long-term and frequent pumping. The Lactina offers built-in vacuum release to protect moms against excessive or prolonged suction. Available for rental from Nurturing Expressions.


The Medela Lactina Plus (wall plug/no battery), hospital grade, double electric, full sized pump (8.9 lbs). This pump, if rented, will be covered under warranty during your rental period. This pump will require the use of the Medela Kit with Lactina arm. This pump will have preset speeds in massage and expression modes and strength adjustments in both.

The pump will come with the following:

  • Lactina breast pump
  • Lactina power supply
  • Lactina hard sided travel case

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