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Maymom Inserts

Although Maymom offers a wide range of flange sizes to meet almost every mother’s pumping needs, we still hear voices asking for smaller, more compact, portable, yet efficient alternatives. In response to these requests, Maymom develops flange inserts.

Maymom flange insert is designed to reduce nipple tunnel ID (internal diameter) from regular size (24 mm/25 mm) down to smaller ones.

Most breast pump companies manufacture 2 to 3 sizes of flanges/breastshields/cups, which may not be suitable for certain moms. For mothers with tiny nipple diameters, e.g., 11-19 mm, too large of flange sizes, e.g., 21-25 mm is often the major cause of discomforts, pains and low output during pumping. To moms’ relief, Maymom flange inserts work for them by downsizing the nipple diameter of the original flanges. This product may be covered by your FSA/HSA account.