Virtual Support for Problems with Breastfeeding or Pumping

The first months of your baby’s life are always memorable, but they can also be challenging if you struggle to breastfeed adequately to give them the nutrition they need. At Nurturing Expressions, we can help you determine why you are experiencing a particular problem and consider your options for solving it. Here are some of the most common reasons parents may seek breastfeeding support, why virtual breastfeeding support is an increasingly popular option, and how we can help you improve your breastfeeding experience!

Common Reasons to Seek Breastfeeding Support

Many parents may seek breastfeeding support for a wide range of reasons, and we are here to help you determine the cause of the problem preventing you from breastfeeding as effectively as you would like to and provide solutions that can help improve your experience. Here are some of the most common breastfeeding problems you might experience that we can help you solve!

Problems Lactating

Not every person can easily produce the amount of milk their baby needs to get the nutrients they need to grow and develop properly, and your milk may also become blocked or otherwise not flow correctly. This can make it more difficult to provide an adequate supply of milk and make the process more uncomfortable. We can help you determine why your body might not produce enough milk or allow it to flow properly and provide possible solutions that can help you improve your lactation journey.

Excessive Pain While Breastfeeding or Pumping

Breastfeeding can be mildly uncomfortable at times, but it should not be painful. Excessive pain while breastfeeding or pumping is generally a sign that your technique is not quite right, your pump is not a great fit, the flange size is incorrect, your milk is blocked or otherwise not flowing properly, or another problem is present that can be solved to make your experience more comfortable. We can help you determine the source of the pain you are experiencing while breastfeeding or pumping and provide helpful tips for making adjustments or seeking further treatment to make the process easier on your body.


Mastitis is a type of inflammation of your mammary gland that is typically caused by a bacterial infection. This condition can cause your breast to become red, swollen, and painful, and you may also experience flu-like symptoms. Although anyone can develop mastitis, it is particularly common when breastfeeding, and it can make your breastfeeding experience more painful.

Choose Virtual Breastfeeding Support for Convenient Assistance That Works for You

Getting the support you need to breastfeed or pump effectively can be challenging to fit into your schedule, especially during the hectic early months of caring for your baby. Virtual breastfeeding support is a convenient alternative to in-person appointments that can be much easier to find time for, gives you the opportunity to get the support you need in the comfort of your home, and allows you to avoid having to bring your baby to your appointment with you or find someone else to care for them.

Breastfeeding Support Insurance Coverage

Being able to breastfeed and pump effectively is an important step in making sure your baby gets the nutrition they need to grow properly and stay healthy, which means that many insurance companies are now providing coverage for parents that choose to seek assistance in improving their ability to produce an adequate amount of milk and breastfeed properly.  We accept various types of insurance to assist you with affording our consultations, breast pumps, Tricare breastfeeding support products, and other supplies and services covered by the Affordable Care Act.

At Nurturing Expressions, we know that getting the most out of your breastfeeding experience is not always easy. We are here to help you work through a wide range of challenges you might experience during the first months of your baby’s life to ensure they get the nutrition they need to thrive. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of virtual Seattle breastfeeding support or to book your lactation or pumping consultation!