Nurturing Expressions founder

Breastfeeding – pure magic. How amazing is that us women grow a baby for 40 weeks (give or take) and then nourish it from just our bodies!? Though I know breastfeeding does not come easy for everyone, I am extremely thankful it has been a breeze for my baby and I. My little knew exactly what to do from the start as if he had been practicing in the womb. He amazed the lactation consultants (and I) that visited us while we were in this hospital. He received a little latch assistance from the amazing Tracy Corey but other than that, he was a natural.

Being able to exclusively breastfeed is something I have always wanted so badly – matter of fact, one of the first things I asked the nurse after he was born was, “can I breastfeed him now”? After having a birth experience that went completely opposite of what I had hoped for, planned for, and practiced for.. I needed breastfeeding to go right for us. And it did.

When he breastfeeds, we are in our element. We are one. It’s when our bodies communicate without words or sound. When I feel the most empowered and when he’s getting stronger. When I feel the most at peace.

My son and I have been exclusively breastfeeding for 10 months and counting with no end in sight. I have never been more comfortable in my own skin. I’ve never been more proud of my body. I have never felt so radiant. Breastfeeding – pure magic.