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LaVie Warming Lactation Massage Pad

3-in-1 heating and vibration improves milk flow with LaVie’s unique adjustable heat and vibration settings. Heat and/or vibration, your choice! Helps increase milk production and speed up pumping. A breastfeeding essential and must-have for pumping moms.
How to use: Start with low heat and vibration settings to test sensitivity; place pads on different positions. Use heat settings for up to 10 minutes at a time. Do not use heating for more than 10 minutes. Battery Tip: The heating setting will shorten battery life. Reacharge between pumps. TURNS OFF AUTOMATICALLY AFTER 30 MINUTES FOR YOUR SAFETY.
Always consult with a lactation consultant or physician before using a lactation massager. An expert can provide personalized advice and guidance on whether a lactation massager is right for you, how to use it properly, and how to integrate it into your lactation plan. Consult a doctor if you experience clogged ducts or mastitis.
LaVie’s patented massage pads are made to suit any breast size, shape, and position comfortably. They work with every type of breast pump, and fit easily in your favorite pumping bra. Loved by pumping moms everywhere as a pumping support tool. Great baby shower gift.
Package includes 1 warming + vibrating lactation massager pad powered by rechargeable batteries, a soft carrying pouch, and a USB charging cords for convenient charging. Designed to last throughout your breastfeeding journey.

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