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Ardo Nipple Care

Intensive Nipple Care

Ardo Care Compresses provide intensive and natural care for sore, cracked, and stressed breastfeeding nipples. The soft compresses with plant-based (Vegan) gel moisturize dry nipples with a pleasantly cooling effect that offers instant relief. The Ardo Care Compress is a must-have for breastfeeding mamas, both during the hospital stay and during the entire breastfeeding and pumping period.

Each Ardo Care Compress box comes with 12 individually packaged compresses for single use, the most hygienic way to help avoid any viral, fungal, or bacterial contamination. The Vegan gel is pre-applied on a round, non-woven fabric that is coated on one side. The gel used on Ardo Care Compresses is odorless, colorless, and made of purely natural, plant-based Vegan ingredients. It was developed in Switzerland according to natural cosmetic standards and is manufactured in Greece, the birthplace of Western medicine.

Unlike other lotions and gels, Ardo Care Compresses avoids any staining of clothing when applied properly.

Ardo Care Compresses are completely safe for mom and baby, and any residual gel remaining on the nipple does not need to be wiped off before breastfeeding. This product may be covered by your FSA/HSA account.