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Just so thankful for this place. I was having supply issues when pumping at work. I tried a supplement without any success. I then rented a hospital grade pump (for a very reasonable monthly price) and it drastically changed my supply! Not sure if I was having pump specific issues or what. But I am so relieved to be able to continue to feed my baby. The staff here are very helpful and kind. Highly recommend!

Kelsey H.

Tacoma Boutique

Nurturing You in Tacoma

All our boutiques carry a broad range of brands and products. Our boutiques also offer classes, social events, and support groups, as well as lactation and pumping consultations, free weight checks, and mother’s rooms.

We always offer FREE virtual personal shopping! Over a video call, we help you shop for everything from baby essentials to breast pumps, lactation supplements to nursing bras and compression socks. Pick your order up curbside or have it shipped directly to you–your choice!

We truly want to support you from pregnancy through your parenting journey. As parents ourselves, we choose only high quality products and brands. When possible, we carry local and organic lines, too. Our supplements are chosen and vetted by our founder, Tracy Corey, RN, IBCLC

Whether you come in to do a free weight check, to choose your breast pump, or to browse, our boutiques and staff are here to support you.

In the Tacoma Boutique

We know that nursing can comes with challenges. We offer a Lactation Clinical Support Group led by Tracy Corey, RN, IBCLC and owner of Nurturing Expressions. Tracy has over 30 years of experience providing lactation support. The Clinic is organized in a group setting, but Tracy is able to work with each breast/chest feeding person one-on-one addressing any needs and concerns that may arise. Tracy can help with latch and positioning, assess lip and tongue tie and make feeding recommendations. During the clinic group we also help with weighted feeds so you can see exactly how much milk baby is drinking per breast.

Exclusive pumping and bottle-feeding parents are very welcome, and our lactation team can help with any questions or demonstrations.

Breastfeeding Clinical Support Group is hosted at our Tacoma Boutique on Tuesdays from 10:30am -12pm.

The cost of the group is $30.00.
The first group admission is free if you received your breast pump from Nurturing Expressions.
*Fee waiver available for Apple Health clients

Are you going back to work after baby joins your family? Or maybe hoping to have a small stash of milk for long solo walks through Target? Or maybe you just want to know how this thing works?! Join us for Pumping 101 at Nurturing Expressions in Tacoma! Registration is FREE for everyone who gets their breast pump through us, and just $35 otherwise.

We want you to be successful in your nursing and pumping journey so we are here to offer clear, accurate, evidence-based information on how to best use your breast pump: how to set it up, when to start pumping, how to clean it, how to maximize output, how to balance nursing and pumping and more! Feel free to bring your breast pump if you have specific questions regarding personal fit or function.

The Pumping 101 class curriculum is written by Tracy Corey, RN, IBCLC and is taught by our pumping and babywearing guru Jenn Greene.

Babywearing gives parents the physical and emotional connection with their little one while allowing them the freedom to do all the things. HANDS FREE. We know how beneficial and convenient babywearing is, but it can be overwhelming with so many carrier options and the practice it may take to become comfortable.

Jenn Green, a certified babywearing instructor of 7 years and mother of two, teaches our Babywearing 101 class. Jenn believes that there is a right carrier out there for everyone and loves to help others learn to wear their little one comfortably and confidently. Bring your own baby carrier or use one from our learning library. Our learning library is full of different brands and styles of carriers that can be used for practice at the store, we currently have about 25 different options!

The cost of the class is $20.

Pre-registration is required, please call (253) 948-0784.

If you are coming to one of our Nurturing Expressions locations, please know that we disinfect and clean before and after each client, and use gloves and masks for all one-on-one consultations.

Weighted Feeds & Weight Checks: Parents wanting weight checks and weighted feed appointments for their babies are asked to please call ahead to schedule your free appointment (206-763-2733 ext. 4 for Seattle, 6 for Poulsbo, 7 for Tacoma)

One-on-One Consultations: To meet your needs and to serve you in a timely manner, we have added an additional one-on-one pumping and lactation consultant at the West Seattle and Poulsbo locations. Consultations will also be available in Tacoma early in 2021.

Clinical Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding Group: We’ve limited the size of clinic in order to maintain effective social distancing, but are still holding weekly Clinical Group at both our West Seattle and Poulsbo boutiques. Starting early in 2021, we will also hold Clinic at our Tacoma boutique. Please register in advance.

Virtual Services: We’ve expanded our virtual service offerings, as well as curbside pickup and shipping, to help you stay safe and healthy.

Tacoma Weekly Clinical Lactation Group

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Prenatal Lactation & Nursing Basics | Tacoma

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Tacoma Boutique

1402 S 11th St.
Tacoma, WA 98405

Tuesday – Saturday: 10:00am – 5:00pm

Sunday – Monday: Closed

Call: (253) 948-0784
Fax: (253) 948-5251

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