Lactation & Pump Support

We offer a variety of support services and options for lactating parents. During non-pandemic times, our boutiques are home to weekly support groups and classes. For the moment, we are only offering the Clinical Breastfeeding Support Group in our Poulsbo and West Seattle Boutiques

We also offer Lactation Consultations with our own Tracy Corey, RN, IBCLC, Pumping Consultations with our Nurturing Experts (including flange fittings and troubleshooting), free Weight Checks in our boutiques, and expert nursing bra fittings. You can schedule either a virtual or in-person consultation for either Lactation or Pumping–and we offer super easy pumping supply reordering. Have a quick question? Visit our handy Resources page for FAQs, downloads, videos, and more!


Breast Pumps & Supplies

Nurturing Expressions boutiques carry several lines of high quality and hospital-grade breast pumps for your breastfeeding and chestfeeding needs. We also offer each brand's related supplies, offer flange fittings, and make reordering supplies super easy.


Lactation Supplements & Nipple Health

We carry the best organic and high quality lactation supplements, tinctures and teas. No matter how natural, rewarding, and healthy nursing is, your nipples often bear the brunt. Effective, natural nipple balms and salves keep your nipples healthy while you nurse.

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Nursing & Mastectomy Bras

We carry a variety of brands and styles of nursing bras and mastectomy bras in straight through plus sizes. We'll help you find the best fit and style for your needs with expert fittings.

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