Getting Ready for Baby (with Checklist!)

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Build Your Support Network

It’s important to take time to establish your support system throughout your pregnancy, in addition to preparing your home and life for your new baby. Get comfortable asking for help!

Connect with Local Groups

Even if this is not your first pregnancy, it is important to have a local support network. 

Local organizations offer valuable prenatal, pregnancy, parenting, lactation, and other helpful classes, as well as social groups for you and baby. 

Local organizations will also have the most up-to-date information on pregnancy and birth-related resources and support in your area.

Find information on local support groups, organizations, and classes by scanning the QR code at the bottom of this page.

Connect with a Doula 

Doulas are trained to provide physical, emotional, and informational support to women during labor, birth, and the immediate postpartum period. Find local doulas and related resources at and at

Remember to practice self-care: sleep, eat, rest, and prepare.

Your Birth Plan

1st Trimester

  • Decide where you will give birth:
  • Tour hospitals/birthing centers; learn about birth options
  • Preregister at your preferred hospital/birth center

Choose your Pregnancy, Care and Support Team: 

  • For You: OB/GYN, Lactation Consultant, Doula, Midwife, Pelvic Floor Specialist
  • For Baby: Pediatrician

2nd Trimester

  • Maternity Compression Garments†‡
  • Maternity Support Belt†‡
  • Register for Prenatal, Lamaze, and/or Pregnancy Classes
  • Talk to your Financial Advisor and an Estate Attorney
  • Talk to your HR department
  • Get an Insurance Benefits Consultation to understand what your policy does and does not cover‡

3rd Trimester

  • Get Postpartum Compression Garments:‡
  • C-Section recovery garments and wound care†‡
  • Recovery compression†‡
  • Get your Breast Pump, Nursing & Pumping Supplies†‡
  • Take a Prenatal Nursing & Lactation Class‡

Organize, baby-proof, and prep your home and car(s):

  • Set-up and stock your nursery
  • Get car seat and baby carrier‡
  • Learn how to use your gear‡
  • Pack your Hospital Go-Bag (Don’t forget your Pump and supplies!)
  • Finalize baby name options

Breast Pump & Nursing Supplies

Breast Pump & Supplies†

Pumping Bras

Pump Bag

Milk Collection Cups

Nursing Bras, Tanks, Camis

Haakaa Milk Collector

Nipple Cream

Hydrogel Nipple Pads

Nursing-Friendly Clothing

Nursing Pillow

Ready for Delivery

  • Make a Birth Plan
  • Discuss visitors ahead of time: Clearly communicate so everyone is on the same page when it comes to who will be where during your delivery. 
  • Save key numbers as Favorites in your and your partner’s phones: hospital/birth center, OB/GYN, doula, midwife
  • Make a care plan for pets and/or older children
  • Organize information for caretakers
  • Schedule your last appointments

Prepare your car:

  • Install car seat and keep a full gas tank
  • Keep a clean towel or waterproof mat in your car

Ready for Your 4th Trimester (Postpartum)

Stock up on household products and baby items

Stock your pantry, fridge, and freezer

Complete home projects

Do a safety walk-through

Clean carpets/rugs

Prep for after-baby guests

Pre-Wash: baby clothes, sheets, and other soft items in “free” or baby detergent

Pre-Wash: Bottles, pacifiers, and pump parts in hot soapy water

Put a waterproof pad or mattress cover on your bed

Prepay or set upcoming bills to auto-pay

†Often covered by insurance        

‡Nurturing Expressions can help!

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