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You’re never alone when you receive your TRICARE supplied breast pump through Nurturing Expressions. A number of our Nurturing Experts have spouses, family members, and friends who actively serve and who are veterans. We will help you navigate your TRICARE insurance benefit, get the right breast pump prescription, pick a breast pump, and show you how to use it.

We are here to support you even after you receive your breast pump:

  • One free virtual breast pump consultation with one of our Nurturing Experts
  • One 15-minute lactation consultation with our RN, IBCLC and lactation team,
  • Plus an easy breast pump supply reorder process

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TRICARE Breast Pumps and Supplies Benefits

TRICARE Breast Pump Benefit

Manual and electric breast pumps are covered for all pregnant TRICARE beneficiaries beginning at the 27th week of pregnancy (third trimester) or birth of a child if prior to 27 weeks. An approval from HNFS is not required for breast pumps and supplies.

Nurturing Expressions is a Preferred In-Network Provider for Tricare TRICARE covers one manual or electric breast pump per birth, as well as adoption for a female beneficiary who legally adopts an infant and intends to personally breastfeed the adopted infant. The beneficiary must have a prescription from a TRICARE-authorized physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or nurse midwife. The prescription must, at a minimum, indicate the type of breast pump prescribed (manual, standard electric or hospital-grade electric).

Heavy duty hospital-grade electric breast pumps may be covered if use is determined to be medically necessary and appropriate. When prescribing a hospital-grade breast pump, supporting medical documentation is required.

Note: When the hospital-grade breast pump is no longer needed, a manual or standard electric breast pump may be covered with a new prescription.

TRICARE Breast Pump Supplies Benefit

TRICARE covers one breast pump, which includes the pumping kit, per birth or adoption event. TRICARE covers the following breast pump replacement supplies without an additional prescription:

  • Two bottles every 12 months following a birth event
  • Caps/locking rings every 12 months following a birth event
  • Power Adapters: One replacement power adapter per birth event and not within the first 12 months following purchase
  • Valves: Twelve valves/membranes for each 12 month period following a birth event
  • One set (2) of flanges/breast shields per birth event
  • One set of tubing per birth event
  • Ninety breast milk bags every 30 days following the birth event

Additional replacement supplies to those detailed above, may be covered when a new prescription from a TRICARE-authorized provider describing the specific supplies required is obtained. Only those replacement supplies, which are essential for breast feeding and are accompanied by a new prescription from a TRICARE-authorized provider, shall be reimbursed.

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