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How Nurturing Expressions nurtured me

How I went from melting my tubing in the microwave, to exclusively pumping for over a year. I guess you could say my breastfeeding journey started the day I picked out my pump. I was a first time mom standing in Nurturing Expressions, being told all about the different pumps, and I had no idea

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Nurturing Expressions founder, Tracy Corey, RN, IBCLC consults with a mother breastfeeding her baby


Breastfeeding – pure magic. How amazing is that us women grow a baby for 40 weeks (give or take) and then nourish it from just our bodies!? Though I know breastfeeding does not come easy for everyone, I am extremely thankful it has been a breeze for my baby and I. My little knew exactly

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A personal story of a breastfeeding journey

I always imagined birth would be wild and unpredictable, but breastfeeding was something I took for granted. As a seed-to-table chef, I was excited to start my baby on her journey of enjoying whole foods with nature’s first, most perfect food while simultaneously comforting her and creating a special bond through nursing. Her birth was

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